Our dorm

The Albertinum has 71 rooms (9: 15m² rooms, 54: 10m² and 8: 8,5 m²)

The monthly rent is at:

Includes all additional expenses like: heating, energy, warm and cold water, internet.

The Halls are in a quiet, wooded area. Next to the house is a sunbathing area where you can play volleyball in summer. Car parking facilities and a bike shed are also sufficient available.

The distance to the Humanitarian Sciences’ Center and to the Northern University (science of forestry, chemistry, physics and computer science) is about 25 minutes by foot. The university sports centre is also reachable by foot. A bus service to the station and to the city center stops directly in front of the entrance.

The Halls of Residence has a total of 71 handy furnished single rooms with a washbasin. Each corridor of 9 or 12 rooms has its own communal area to which a kitchen is attached. Between the corridors on each level are shower and toilet facilities and a bathroom. All rooms have Internet access and with a network speed of 100 megabits per second, it is easy to join the Local Area Network. A lavatory containing a washing machine and a tumble dryer is located in the basement.

Collegium Albertinum has a lecture theatre (seating 120 approx.) used for meetings, presentations and concerts, and the students are welcome to use the grand-piano which it houses for practice. On the ground floor, the common room contains a TV, while a party room is provided in the basement.

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